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About a week before Christmas as a man walked down the street, he noticed a sign in a store window that said, “Merry Xmas!” Being an algebra teacher, he walked in, found the store owner and said, “Excuse me, sir.Thanks for helping me find the answer to the equation. Jesus has been missing from my life for a long time. Major sporting events, like the Olympics and World Cup Soccer are no longer linear-appointment broadcasts.When it comes to sports, viewers are no longer willing to schedule their lives around event timing.

Leveraging Elemental’s flexible design, engineers simply reconfigured the available bandwidth to handle the now 44 output channels. The 4K content was produced by NHK, which captured the images in full 8K.The system design enabled Globosat to provide 93% of the live events to be distributed on those 15 channels.The remaining 7% of the live content was distributed over 44 IP channels via the internet and to hybrid (IP/cable/satellite) STBs.But we didn’t have time to put together more boxes, so we decided to use the same infrastructure we had already built from Elemental to handle the additional four channels.” Globosat is part of the Grupo Globo group of media companies that reach virtually 100-percent of Brazil.The technology executives at Globosat set the goal of delivering 100-percent of Olympic content live to Brazilian viewers everywhere.

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