What is the dating scene like in san diego dating in west cumbria

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I also don't understand a lady not understanding your relationship with your daughters.

Granted there are some that do not wish to deal with minor children but they generally are either older (kids already growd up) or younger (no kiddies) but most women in your age wheelhouse have children and would clearly "get it." That being the case it's easy to weed out the ones who don't want the child aspect.

Yes my profile is not your average profile and I like it that way so your comment doesnt bother me at all.

Just your opinion and I'm not even going to comment on your profile cause its pointless.

According to him, he found it impossible to meet someone in LA but he had to beat the women off with a stick once he drove south of Carlsbad.

It would not surprise me if at least one person from San Diego said the opposite.

If they look like their photo, I'm damn thrilled, the rest is moot...My thread is more because I am a single dad and have my kids 50% of the time so when I have them, I want to be with them as we all know kids grow up fast and by the time you know it, they are off doing there own thing.So with finding a quality woman that can accept that is tough in San Diego.For you to judge me because of my profile and not knowing exactly who I am or what I'm about does show you are shallow, but its all irrelevant.I'm not boring and I sure didnt want my profile to reflect that.

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