Social information processing theory online dating

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Correct source maps of California may not have been available to the cartographer and so older source maps had to be used. This curvature gives them the appearance of concavity rather than convexity. Not exactly; at least according to this website: If they knew the truth but still drew California as an island anyway, were these maps copied from much older sources – pre-1548?She was very angry with me and her message to me was rather… Apparently, she had been dating a girl named Jessica (let’s call her that) and apparently I had a picture of her as my profile picture!She was very upset with me for using Jessica’s pictures and had said that she was protecting her girlfriend.The actual self is the person’s personality, the ideal self is, well, an ideal personality, and the ought self is who the person thinks they should be.These three selves together will create an individual’s online persona/identity. Suppose someone had a different ideal self or ought self than his/her actual self, the person might end up using a picture that s/he ideally perceives him/herself or thinks s/he ought to look like. Some might even adopt a completely different persona online completed along with someone else’s pictures and false background information.Let me share one of my bizarre experiences with you!A few years ago when I was in high school, a random girl, let’s call her Judy, contacted me on Facebook.

All these maps from this collection show California as an island or with the peninsula much higher up than where it is depicted today. And no, I don’t mean a literal catfish on your dinner plate. Let me explain: it is when someone pretends to be someone they are not online to create false identities, often to pursue deceptive online romances. Online relationships are different from face to face because there are no nonverbal communication/cues, but they are just as possible as “real,” in-person relationships. Let’s back up a little, WHAT is catfishing you might ask? People might use fake identities and pretend to be someone else… This is where SIP (Social Information Processing) Theory comes in.I checked out Judy’s profile and saw that she had a picture of me as her header, which was very surreal- I had no idea who this Judy girl was and there I was, on her Facebook header!I searched her profile to find this “girlfriend” of hers, and good enough, I found her (or should I say, me! Jessica Something with a few profile pictures, all of me.

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