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A witness to the raid wrote online: 'Five mins ago, lad in helmet comes in, grabs laptop, mate turns up on a moped, lad shoves people out of the way, jumps on and off they go.'So fast, too fast for anyone to react and stop them.

No number plate.'She said the moped robberies were now 'so blatant and frequent' that police should set up traps to try and catch them.

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This is the shocking moment a moped robber walked into a busy cafe and pulled a laptop from a woman's hands.

The prosecutor in that case, Paul Fairley, said: 'Recently, the UK - and London in particular - has seen a huge increase in what is termed 'moped-enabled crime' - robberies and thefts for, in the main, mobile phones. Obtain a stolen moped, or steal it for yourself, dress up in motorcycle clothing which has the effect of providing a very effective disguise, arm yourself if necessary and then drive about looking for mobile phones to steal.'They are easy to find, they are expensive and the sell-on price for the thief is significant.

Architectural splendour, and regal wonder, are never far away on this voyage to the heart of cities rich with history, and contemporary flair.

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