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However, Greens is no ordinary pie shop, it is a local institution.Greens is apparently the pie vendor of choice of the Hairy Bikers and I can see why.As a resident of the official pie capital of the country and home of the World Pie Eating Championships (Wigan) I have always had a strong awareness in the local fascination with pastry products.Yet what I realised throughout the construction of my book “Life of Pies” is that The British obsession with the humble pie stretches far and wide touching every corner of this fair land.There’s two things Mad O’Rourkes in the Black Country is famous for.Firstly, for being the place where a young Frank Skinner cut his teeth in stand up and secondly for the Pie Factory.Their infamous Cow Pie is served on a reinforced table and you get a certificate if you can finish it.

As for the pies, well if you're a meat and potato junkie like me you'll be in heaven.

Situated deep within the heart of the capital in Bow, I wandered into their shop through the bustling market on Roman Road and faked a completely pathetic Cockney accent which the serving lass saw straight through.

The meat is slightly cheap tasting mince encased in an oblong shaped pie with tapered crust but that's the traditional way and long may it remain.

I certainly went at it with a fair sample size eating around 400 pies in two years so here – IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER – as any contest worth its salt would always tell you, are ten of my best: Graham Aimson is a chef with a difference.

Given the choice of charging £30 per head for six tiny morsels of food stacked up like Lego bricks on a huge plate, he opts to feed thousands of lower division football fans each week instead.

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