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Sexual role play isn’t unheard of, and most of us may even have indulged in it without actually realizing it.

Even the most passionate sex can run out of passion and even the most intimate acts of sexual ecstasy can run out of steam after a while.

Now that may seem selfish, but everyone has one of those days when they just want a change in their monotonous see-saw.

You’ll just have to make sure this sort of inconsiderate sex doesn’t happen all the time.

But whatever may be the case, sex can become a bore after a while, unless you innovate.

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Instead, be creative and indulge in a bit of sexual role playing.

Sexual role play for beginners When you’re ready to take sex to the next level, sexual role playing can be the perfect way to heighten your pleasure.

Five or maybe twenty minutes later, one of you rolls off and the other probably feigns death.

With sexual role play, this would never happen, because you know you’re a part of an act that will eventually end with sex.

The whole time you’re thinking about nothing but sex, and you’re getting aroused thinking about it, and you can’t wait to pounce on your mate.

[Read: Fun on the beach] Learning to role play sexually Sexual role play cannot be learnt from a book or from someone else’s mouth, it has to be experienced.

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