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Excellent long finish on chlorophyll, oranges and pepper, with also something slightly mustardy.I’d have loved to try this one at 20/25 years of age. A very rare version, probably distilled around 1959 and before. Nose: we’re closer to the Samaroli now, although there’s less OBE despite the fact that it was bottled at the same time, roughly.Mouth: very close to the 1958 but with a little more zing this time and a slightly thicker body.

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Sure it gets more seriously tannic after a moment but, again, never really drying this time.We do have the tangerines and these whiffs of wet stones plus that slight farminess again, but it all gets more lemony, citrusy after a while.Probably the fruitiest of the three, and the least peaty and phenolic, even if we do have quite some thuja wood coming through after a moment.Finish: it’s the longest of the four and maybe the wildest (quite some salt in this one) but it’s a little harsh (and too metallic) again now. Let's quote Mr Bird: 'It is sort of a relic from the time before I got my conceptual shit together'.”This guy's a genius, you should buy his music...The term ‘Special Guest’ is one that needs to be taken with a big pinch of salt when it comes to many gigs, but not, I have to say, tonight’s.

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