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As men, should we feel more inclined to co-operate in these cases if we want a date? I've never had anyone abuse my number except for an ex-friend (female) because she was paranoid that her ex-boyfriend was interested in me. My point is, it's probably very rare for anyone to be a stalker once you give them your number.

I find this funny, because in some of the phone exchange threads, men had said they just give their # first initially, and the women responded, that women don't do the's just not a woman thing to do. He mentioned the blocked number and I explained that I would like at least one conversation before handing out my number. Most people feel like they're interfering if they call you and then don't even call when they said they would. If it's a safety issue, then buy a prepaid cell phone to use only for contact with online dating.

But when put into action, I find it interesting in MY experiences, they called me only when I asked for their #Lately, with online dating, when it came to the phone call and meeting....I would ask for her # to arrange a meeting, she'd always say, "Give me your phone # and I'll call you." And then she would block it, and it would come in as "private". I exchanged e-mail for a while with someone on here. He seemed damn insulted by it but thank goodness I stuck to my view. If I give a woman my phone number, I expect to receive hers.

Over the 20 minute call, to get to know each other better, he told me about his heart surgery 6 months ago, how he had run out of benefits as work and lost his job and income, how his unemployment benefits were about to expire, that in the next month he needed to find a cheaper place to live (already in a lower priced rental area), that he used the library internet connection because his land line and internet TV were cut off and so on. I expect to be able to make calls, as well as receive them.

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There's a fine line there, one side is fine, the other is trouble down the road.Some are not meant for using this medium to date or meet people, they should stick to IRL.I agree that at some point if you're dating you're going to have to exchange numbers but all the men I've met online have been very sensitive to women's feelings about safety and very respectful about the whole number thing.If someone wants to meet they will set a time and a place, if they don't they will want to talk about this pretend meeting from now til infinity.It doesn't bother me to do that, although it does set off something in the back of my head.

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