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Judge Stephanos Bibas has begun his service on the Third Circuit.

He is now listed as a judge on the circuit’s website, here.

Judge Bibas becomes the court’s 12th active judge, with two judgeships open.

For those seeking to move outside of the United States, figuring out the best country to move to can be a very daunting task.

I liken it to stepping back 70 years in our country and being on the verge of a great industrial revolution that I can be a part of.I have decided it is better to be starting at the bottom of the hill, climbing towards the top, then to be at the top and sliding out of control towards the bottom.If you can afford it, do what my wife and I did, we took a two month “vacation” a couple of years ago, rented a furnished apartment and did a trial “residency” in which we had time to evaluate the pros and cons.Today we wanted to share with you some of those comments.These commenters have some very strong opinions about where the best places for Americans to move to are, but the reality is that each person and each situation is different so keep that in mind as you read these….

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