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Silently I exited our bedroom and tiptoed down the hallway to Henrik’s bedroom.Fortunately his door opened without a noise, and I peeped inside the room to ensure he was a sleep.Throwing off my towel in an uncharacteristic display of uninhibited nakedness I sat down again on his lap, guiding his penis deep into my vulva.What followed was one of the best lovemaking sessions we have had for many years.If you agree, you must stay in the game for all of the six tasks.” Steven was smiling broadly, obviously delighted with his kinky ingenuity. Steven began to slowly grind his hips, stimulating my already engorged clit. We rode the wave of pleasure together and orgasmed in a chorus of animal grunts. Our daughter and son were home from university for a couple of nights and our attention was focused on enjoying their company as we had not been together as a family for almost two months.Steven’s little game was so far removed from our previously conservative sexual conduct that I just stared at him agog, almost disbelieving what I had heard. Steven and I have two children; Andrew aged 20 years and Matilda aged 19 years. As we have a large five bedroom house which is now mostly empty we decided to help out the local college by taking in an 18 year old Danish exchange student for a year.If this is something you are interested in why have you not shared this with me? As ego crushing as it was, I blushingly confessed to my husband that for the past few years I had fantasised about being humiliated, but was too embarrassed to admit to such thoughts as they were so perverted.

We had not made love for several weeks so I reached under my lap and unzipped his trousers, freeing one very erect penis.

Although I tried to focus on other things, I was only too acutely aware that it was Monday, the day when Steven was supposedly setting me my first ‘task’.

I was a ball of nervous energy, and wished I had never mentioned anything to Steven.

His name is Henrik, and although he is quiet and shy, he has fitted in well.

Come Monday our children had returned to university, leaving the house to Steven and I, plus Henrik.

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