Dating fossils ppt

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Note from a Teacher: I am a veteran teacher of 24 years who teaches in a dual language program.

This is my 2nd year teaching Science and I'm not satisfied with the way it has been going. I have always been a hands-on interactive teacher, but because of my added responsibilities at school, I absolutely have no time to hunt anything down! Just having a compilation of the different topics will make everything so much easier.

I have been using these resources and they are really great.

I have been teaching for 9 years and finding really good things to use for Earth and Space is sometimes difficult. Thanks Note from a Teacher: I love your units and the students really enjoy the active learning style...

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I received the kit.Thanks for sharing all your great ideas in such an organized way.I had purchased the Rock Unit about a month ago and it sure had some wonderful resources in it.Anyway, we're hopefully going on the weathering walk tomorrow (weather permitting)."Hi, Aunt Marcia, Just wanted you to know that I used the cut and paste today with 2 classes of seniors in high school (! Also like the idea of circling one and adding a one sentence response! I have been using them in my Earth Science classes the last five years, and have seen an improvement in state testing scores. detailed lesson plans & ideas, bellwork and journal suggestions, labs and worksheets with answers, tests & quizzes with answers, active learning suggestions including Types of Volcanoes & Types of Lava Foldables, and many Team Game suggestions you can run off on colored paper.) and not only did I NOT get any grumbling, they were completely dialed in! Also includes: Volcano Images PPT, Types of Volcanoes PPT, and Hot Spots PPT.

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