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Next served I Battalion 3 regiment with the rank of lieutenant colonel; December 1807 - Colonel and Chief of Staff of the Legion.

1809 - Franciszek Maksymilian Paszkowski was an adjutant of the Saxon King Friedrich August / Frederick Augustus Duke of Warsaw; was awarded the Military Cross Polish (Military Virtue). In 1812, commanded the 2nd Brigade of the 16th Infantry Division under General Zayonchek / Jozef Zajaczek: Smolensk, Borodino and Czirikov; to Vilnius traveled together with Fr.

In 1794, on a secret mission from Kosciuszko to the Viennese court, interned by the Austrians [see above on PASZKOWSKI and FISZER]; 1795 in exile, he played a leading role, and was one of the first initiators of the Italian's legions, The president of the Central Committee of the Patriotic Society.

1826-1829, a state prisoner, chaired the 1829 conspiracy; after the outbreak of the November Uprising, Stanislaw Soltyk b. 1833 was honored as the patriarch of the struggle for freedom. 1716, died in 1790, IX Ordynat; Ludwika Maria Poniatowska born 1728, in 1745 married Jan Jakub Zamoyski, with daughter Urszula Zamoyska.

Dominik Paszkowski born 1783 in Brody, the Lwow province; his father Jan Paszkowski was born c.

1750 and has got the Zadora coat of arms, married c.

Financed by Count Zamoyski, Retinger entered the Sorbonne in 1906, and two years later became the youngest person to earn a Ph. See the European Union (EU) and its origins from the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Economic Community. He was Karol's / Charles's father and grandfather of Stefan Drzewiecki - the pioneer of the underwater navigation (see Duflon and Breguet in St Petersburg !

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Oudinot did not agree to keep him on the staff and directed him in 1800 to Laboissiere's division; Neyman was the chief of staff of the cavalry right wing of gen. Here again, wrote against Dabrowski; when he returned to Poland ?

Dupont with support of his friend, Wladyslaw Jablonowski. This area was penetrated at the end of 1802 by the commercial house 'Trzecieski, Horodyski et comp.' for increasing trade in the Black Sea.

Neyman was sent by conspirators at the Volyn in January 1807 and in February back to Warsaw (Suchet); with ANDRZEJ HORODYSKI / Andrew Horodyski wrote to Talleyrand, which pointed the possibility of uprising in Volhynia and Podolia, against the Russian garrisons (Mareta); together with Michal N. Gliszczynski], Horodyski and Jozef KLEMENS Szaniawski wrote memorial to Talleyrand against the magnates, presented the need to reorganize the army, vocation of Kosciuszko, and remove the Prussian officials.

Despite the fact that Marshal Lannes had no Poles on his Staff, Captain Milkiewicz and Captain FRANCISZEK Paszkowski served as Staff Officers for Marshal Ney. Adjutant Major; 1800, the Italian Legion on the staff at the side of General Wielhorski. Lapoype and served his aide; in December 1801, Franciszek Paszkowski wanted to emigree to the United States.

In the campaign of 1805, fought in the cavalry of Marshal Joachim Murat, as a translator and - by Wezyk - was adjutant of Murat.

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