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DG should take this product off the market, fix it with really good staying power, then put it back on the market again. All these names such as intense, extreme ultra and lord knows what else, are really a waste of time. As a close proximity and intimate situation, this is a killer scent. Dolce&Gabbana The One for Men was my first decant from a certain subscription service.

i was raised in the 70s and 80s, when you just sprayed yourself and off you went. there was no such thing as intense or extreme fragrances either. I would even wear this in a client to client meeting, as it's not overpowering. Scent : 5/5 Longevity : 2.5/5 Projection : 3/5 Sillage : 3/5 Product Designer 4.5/5 I wanted to like this so much after 'By Men' was discontinued and this came out approximately a year later in 2008, but I found that with my skin ph it just wasn't strong enough and disappeared into my skin after a short time - the EDP wasn't much difference, the Royal Night version (only ever seen it in airport departure lounges) was a little bit better - shame. I stopped using my EDT version and used the EDP version, which was great...until it got warm/hot outside. The One is a nice sweet scent but I don’t think that it is worth the price that is sold for in most places, even online.

And with regards to that, Gabbana adds that this is the first time that a model in one of D&G men's fragrance campaigns appears in clothes.I have yet to come across any fragrance that instantly got me off the bat. A better alternative for D&G The One at a fraction of the price. Very interesting one, masculine, sweet but also woody with noticeable citrus notes. Apart from the poor longevity, this fragrance is perfect in every way. It's so alluring, so provocative, so smooth, so sexy.Scent: It is Spicy Sweet (not sugar sweet but ambery more subtle sweet) smell enveloped in dry aged tobacco leaves. For me maybe little too heavy, in my opinion this will suit most mature, serious men (40 ). If you're new to fragrances and are looking for a great sigscent then look no further.) and, it often doesn't smell at all on me..project OR! you should not wear this in hot summer you should not wear this in cold winter. Before the test I was afraid I will get poor sillage and longevity, but fortunately it isn’t bad.Don't need it...probably good for offices if THAT's your market, but shouldn't you like it first? you have to find you know how they say middle-of-the-road . I have a very dry skin, and I use only two sprays on my wrist, but 3 hours later still has one foot sillage…So, I think this and the longevity are bit over the average. I am very average looking guy working in a company.

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