Could not get dependencies for project reference validating web site

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For introductory information on the Yocto Project, see the Yocto Project Website and the "Introducing the Yocto Project Development Environment" section.If you want to use the Yocto Project to test run building an image without having to understand concepts, work through the Yocto Project Quick Start.The manual is neither meant to be read as a starting point to the Yocto Project nor read from start to finish.

The Yocto Project is an open-source collaboration project whose focus is for developers of embedded Linux systems.

You can use the Yocto Project to generate images for many kinds of devices.

As mentioned earlier, the Yocto Project supports creation of reference images that you can boot within and emulate using QEMU.

A good example is Angstrom, which has had a distribution based on the Yocto Project since its inception.

Other examples include commercial distributions like Wind River Linux, Mentor Embedded Linux, ENEA Linux and others.

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