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I shared a room at the summer house with my younger brother and the door to the room connected to my older brother's room. My younger brother had earlier told me that my older brother masturbates, so maybe I was able to avoid the worst possible family embarrassment.I was not worried since I thought no one would be home for hours. (Since we shared a room, my younger brother already knew I masturbated.) I never got caught again and never assumed I was home alone without an emergency exit plan.Even people who have little guilt about masturbating in general feel ashamed to be discovered in the act; most refer to it as being "caught," as though they were doing something immoral or illegal.Yet, there seems to be no consequence of being discovered.Being discovered by a spouse is different from being discovered by someone else, because the spouse is usually more concerned about the impact of a partner's masturbation on the couple's sexual life than about the act itself.This article, therefore, is concerned with being discovered by persons other than spouse or exclusive sexual partner.If you do not meet these requirements, then you do not have permission to use the Website.

Concerns that someone will discover them masturbating are justified; more than half of those surveyed have said someone has accidentally discovered them masturbating at least once.I was in a large room, and its only entrance is down some stairs. She's not a very good babysitter if she can't find the baby food on her own. My stepmom is the only person who knocks before she comes in my room. (age 13) If they don't already believe that you masturbate, they can guess correctly. She walked in on me and asked me what I was doing, and I just didn't answer, and she brought something else up. I was masturbating in front of my PC and my sister was sick and sleeping in another room and when it was going to happen, she saw me.I thought I was safe because I believed I had locked the door, but the babysitter who was looking after my younger sister had apparently called me down several times, and she came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder while I was masturbating. I masturbate at least once a day and I've come close to being caught at least twice. I was masturbating without pants and my mom knocked and I quickly put on my shorts. Another time I was about to start masturbating at my stepmom's. " All my clothes were on so I said I wasn't doing anything. I instantly hid my penis and she just said that I should not blackmail her or else she will tell my dad. (age 15) It's perfectly OK, but I think she was the one blackmailing you.Don't let your worry about being caught keep you from enjoying masturbating. When my older brother (who is 23) came into my room, I froze like a deer in front of a car. He has been masturbating most likely for a decade and understands completely.I was masturbating on the top floor of the house with headphones on. That same day I was masturbating to porn and I don't if he saw the porn because he hasn't brought it up yet. I was just masturbating down in my basement, since that is usually where I hang out, and my mom came home from work. But it might be a good idea if you planned on masturbating in a private space like your bedroom from now on, instead of the basement, where you apparently don't have the most privacy.

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