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Juliette bursts into Renard's room, and the two have a heated exchange.They go through the scene a few more times, until the director calls cut, and Roiz and Tulloch take a break.

"It's not like we were one of the shows that got heavy promotion." But "Grimm" benefits from a fan base that loves its stories about Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), a Portland homicide cop.

"There's some sort of magical component to these Hexenbiest, they're very sexual, they're like sirens.

For someone like Renard, who's derived from that lineage, it's very powerful for him.

Co-star Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Juliette Silverton, and Roiz rehearse their lines.

The director calls for the camera to roll, and the actors play the scene.

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